Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers

Shooting Victim Identified, Crime Stoppers Offering $1000 Reward
Adams County Coroner James Keller has identified the victim of an early morning fatal shooting as 12-year-old Rayshone D. Humphrey Jr. According to a report from WGEM, officers responded to the shooting scene in the 1100 block of North 5th Street between Cedar and Cherry Streets and found a boy that…
Got Drive By Shooting Information? What Are You Waiting For?
OK, it is going on two days since two apparent drive by shootings took place. I wrote about them yesterday and the comments I am getting, as expected, show that people were upset with what happened here in their city and they don't want to see a repeat of it. So,     I write this blog…
If You Are a Trivia Buff, Your Season Has Arrived
I knew it was Pancake and Sausage season, but I didn't realize it was also Trivia season. There are numerous trivia events scheduled in the next few weeks in the area. Some feature general trivia and others have specific categories only, like TV and Music. If you love trivia, you have your pick…
Crime Stoppers Seeks Information and Members
The Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers organization is usually looking for fugitives or crime information.  We are still seeking information on those things, but now, we are looking for something else:  prospective board members.

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