If someone came up to you and said I'll pay you up to $1000, just between you and me, for telling me something that will make your life and your neighborhood a better place to live, would you do it? You're darn right you would. So why aren't you doing it?

If you are worried the way your neighborhood is going with crime and drugs escalating, you have two choices the way I see it. Move out or fix the problem. Moving out is expensive so the time right to make a plan to clean up your own neighborhood. Rally your neighbors and start telling the police the things that are happening there that you are aware of and don't like.

One of the best ways to do just that without anyone knowing is to call the Crime Stopper Hotline. It is totally anonymous and you could even get a reward that might even pay your rent or mortgage payment depending on your tip.

We are not talking $10 or $20 rewards here either. During last week's Crime Stopper meeting, the board agreed to pay out five rewards for tips that came from the Hotline. Those cash rewards were $1000, $700, $350, $260 and $250. Who couldn't use one of those cash bundles? And all because someone took the time to say something that led to an arrest and took one or more bad guys off the street in your neighborhood. The best part is you have more cash and the neighborhood is a little safer.

Remember, if you have information regarding a crime call the Crime Stopper Hotline at 228-4474. You can also submit a tip via the web. Web Tips are just another way for an individual to submit anonymous information to Crime Stoppers. To send a Web Tip, log on to quincycrimestoppers.com and click on submit at the top of the page. There is even a third way to contact the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers and that is by texting TIPSQRCS and your information to 274637.

You will never have to give your name and you may be eligible to receive a cash reward for your information.  Crime can be controlled, but it starts with you. Remember, it is all confidential.