I overheard a conversation the other day with two people complaining that the cops need to stop the shootings going on in the City of Quincy. I felt like saying "Are you kidding me?"  What do you expect the cops to do? Sure, increased patrols in those shooting areas may have prevented the victims from being shot there, but these people are targeted for whatever reasons and the shooters will find another place to find them where the cops aren't around.

After the Ray Humphrey Jr. shooting, Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley increased patrols in that area, but in doing so the costs to the Police Department went up. Copley has made no secret he needs more money to accomplish what the people in those areas want. Increased patrols are expensive.

Meanwhile Mayor Kyle Moore has made it known that there will be no more money coming to the Police Department to increase patrols in those areas. He wants the people in those areas to be more vigilant in what is happening in their neighborhood and report what you see to the police.

Both men are right in what they are asking for and saying. People do need to keep an eye out for what is happening in their neighborhood. But people are afraid to report anything for fear of retribution. There is a confidential solution.

They need to anonymously call the Quincy Regional Crime Stopper hot line and report what they know. No one will know you called. The police can do just so much, sometimes you have to help yourself. Make the call at 228-4474.

You have two choices. Make your neighborhood a better place for you and your kids to live or move someplace else and hope your new neighbors make the right choice as well.