It seems lately that there is an increase in crime in the City of Quincy primarily due to the increased usage of drugs in our community. The news is filled daily with drug arrests. Just last week a drug bust landed 31 people with charges against them. Just how do we stop this drug problem from happening? I am not sure we can stop it, but we can serve notice that we are not going to allow it to get out of control. The Quincy Police Department and Adams County Sheriff's Department can do just so much. It is up to the citizens of this community to step up and be vigilant in what is happening in your neighborhood.

Pay attention to some of the behavior that is going on. Watch for frequent vehicles coming and going in your neighborhood and the excessive amount of people showing up and leaving from a neighbor's house. Most people already know or suspect that there is drug activity happening perhaps as close as next door to them. The problem is they don't report it. They are afraid the suspected people will try to get back at them. Well, here is your solution.

Call the Quincy Regional Crime Stopper Hotline.  The information you leave is totally confidential and you NEVER have to leave your name. I overheard a conversation the other day with one person saying that people won't call-in information for "20 or 30 bucks". Let me dispel that reasoning.

In June, the Crime Stopper Board of Directors reviewed 2 tips that led to two arrests. The reward money dispensed for those two cases was $750 for an average of $375 per reward paid out to the persons submitting the tips. In July, the Board of Directors approved the payment of $955 for four tips that led to four arrests for an average of $239 per tip. The board is authorized to approve a payout of up to $1000 for a single tip if they feel it is justified.

Since the beginning of the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers in 1997, the organization has paid out $148,790 to people who have provided a tip that has led to an arrest. So you can see, some payouts are significantly higher than the "20 or 30 bucks" that gentleman thought.

Remember, no one will know your name if you call Crime Stoppers and provide a tip. It is a tip that will lead to a safer neighborhood and community. Plus, it might just make your car payment or pay your light bill at the same time and remember no one even knows you did it. So if you think it is happening, report it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Local law enforcement is there for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year but they can use your help in fighting crime.   Remember, if you have information regarding a crime, call the Crime Stopper Hotline at 228-4474. You can also submit a tip via the web. Web Tips is just another way for an individual to submit anonymous information to Crime Stoppers.  To send a Web Tip, log on to and click on submit at the top of the page. There is even a third way to contact the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers and that is by texting TIPSQRCS and your information to 274637.

Again, you will never have to give your name and you might be eligible to receive a cash reward for your information. The police department is there to protect you, but you are the one who will make your neighborhood safer.