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DOT Foods Steps Up To The Plate Again!
It is well documented the shortages food pantries are experiencing not only in this area but also around the country and the world as well. Well, once again, when there is a need DOT Foods stepped up to the plate (no pun intended).

Photo By: Scott Olson/Getty Images
It was recently announced that Quin…
Lipstick Mania
Did you see the Parade Magazine in Sunday's Quincy Herald Whig? In it was a story about lipstick entitled  "Hot Lips". I am writing this story primarily for my good friend B______, who shall go nameless to protect the guilty. According to the article, yesterday, July 29th…
Who Should Be the 3rd Judge at Idol?
OK, I just found out that Mariah Carey will be one of the judges for American Idol next season on Fox Television. She is replacing Jennifer Lopez.  I suspect Jay-Lo will be getting a nice Christmas gift from Mariah for leaving the show.
Now that leaves one judge opening left to be filled to replace S…
Quincy City Council Takes on Video Poker
Gambling!!! Anytime this issue comes up there is always a great deal of discussion. Tonight, the Quincy City Council will be a hot bed of conversation as the City Council takes up the issue of allowing Video Poker games in the city.
Glitch with Quick-Pick Tickets
Every once in a while, like when the lottery is worth 620 million bucks, I buy a few tickets. To prove my point, I haven't purchased one since that mega drawing a few weeks ago. But there are thousands who do buy those tickets regularly and some of them might be able to be reimbursed by the Il…
Super Moon Means More Crime?
This past weekend gave us the opportunity to view what they call the Super Moon. This full moon was called the Super Moon because the Moon was the closest it will be to Earth this year. The moon was 15,300 miles closer than usual and was only 221,802 miles from Earth last weekend.
Baby Ella
You talk about inspiration....Just read Sunday's Quincy Herald Whig. The headline said it all..."Ella- BRATION".  I am sure you are aware of what happened, but in case you are not, this story began on January 3rd, 2012.
What is a Watch and What is a Warning
Well, there used to be a Tornado Season in the Midwest but no more. It's basically all year round. With that said it amazes me that there are still many people who do NOT know the difference between a "Watch " and a "Warning".