OK, I just found out that Mariah Carey will be one of the judges for American Idol next season on Fox Television. She is replacing Jennifer Lopez.  I suspect Jay-Lo will be getting a nice Christmas gift from Mariah for leaving the show.

Now that leaves one judge opening left to be filled to replace Steven Tyler who also left the show. It got me to thinking of some local people who should get a shot at being the replacement judge.

Why not Steve Eighinger of the Quincy Herald Whig?  He has managed to get his picture in with all the previous judges so he would be a natural.

Why not Gabe McClain of the Abbey Restaurant?  Gabe has all those TV's that could be converted from Sports Channels to Entertainment Channels.

Why not Carlos Fernandez, the General Manager of the Fox TV affiliate in Quincy?  He could simply say, "either I am the next judge or I won't televise the show anymore". An ultimatum could force the issue.

Why not Travis Brown? He's got a chance except who would run all of the Farmer's Markets, Blues in the District's and Cash Mobs if he got the job?  Maybe Steven Tyler? There's a novel idea.

Why not Chad Douglas of KHQA's Morning Show? The guy works from 5 to 7am every morning with great looking ladies so he would be ready for the Hollywood scene I am sure.

Why not Ray Heilman, the retired QND Principal? Lets face it, Ray has heard just about ever version sung or performed of the National Anthem at the "Pit" so I would think he has the ability to critique performers.

Why not Reggie Coleman? If you could get him to stop talking (the show only lasts so long) he would be a perfect fit. He could even jump on stage a sing a Barry White tune if they had extra time to fill.

Why not Bud Niekamp? Only problem here would be the lack of suspense.  We would already know how his vote would go.

Why not Luke Guthrie, the rookie sensation on the PGA Tour from Quincy? He loves music like listening as the ball goes into the cup.  It's music to his ears.

Why not Jack Cornell of the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL?  I'd like to see someone question his decision.  Randy Jackson would never question Jack if he knew what was good for him.

Why not Major John Spring? His position requires that he cast the tie breaking vote so he has the experience for the job.

As I write this, I just noticed that Mariah Carey will be paid 17 million dollars for judging.  So forget all of the names above. I, Jeff Dorsey, am formally applying for the remaining position.