For weeks there has been a very tattered flag "hanging" on a flag pole between 8th and 9th on Broadway in Quincy. I had hoped the owner would have removed or replaced it. That had not happened. No matter where this flag would have been located, it needed to be disposed of. The fact that it was located on Quincy's busiest street made it even worse. Well, I am happy to report that tattered American Flag has been replaced. With the help of my friend, Tim Gottman of Sign Pro, we took down the old flag and hoisted up a new American Flag, which was donated by the Illinois Veteran's Home.

Frankly it took some doing to remove the knotted old flag which will be disposed of properly. Thanks again to Tim for assisting me, and to Dawn Whitcomb of the Illinois Veteran's Home who saw my story about the old flag and responded with her kind offer.

Now every time I will drive by that area that flag will remind me of how proud I am to be an American.

Jeff Dorsey