Local baseball returns to the area on May 28, when the Quincy Gems travel to Hannibal for a game against the Cavemen at Clemens Field. The Gems home opener at Q.U. Stadium is scheduled for Friday, May 30, and the second game of the season on June 1 will be the first Fireworks Night of 2014 at the ballpark.

Fireworks are always popular at Q.U. Stadium. According to the Gems, the following games will all have fireworks during the 2014 season:

  • Sunday, June 1 versus Danville
  • Tuesday, July 1 versus Terre Haute
  • Wednesday, July 2 versus Terre Haute
  • Thursday, July 3 versus Hannibal Cavemen

In the past, additional Fireworks Nights have been added to the season schedule, so if we find out any more dates, we'll be sure to let you know about them.

By the way, the home opener for the Gems is Y101 night at the ballpark. We hope you'll join us at Q.U. Stadium as we welcome back the Quincy Gems for another season!

Jag Gundu, Getty Images