When people come to court dressed nicely, it tells me that they are taking their charges seriously.  I think it makes a difference at sentencing, too”.  Those are the exact words in a recent Herald Whig story (April 27, 2016) of Chief Judge Diane Lagoski who instituted a dress code that went in to effect on May 1 throughout the circuit which includes Adams, Brown, Calhoun, Cass, Mason, Menard, Pike and Schuyler Counties.

Judge Lagoski just got tired of people “disrespecting” the court system and I don’t blame her.  She cited one person in court for a drug offense wearing a marijuana leaf on a t-shirt.  What could that person be thinking?  Common sense would tell you not to wear that into court especially with that kind of a charge against you.  Oh those two words…Common and Sense.

If you plead guilty to an offense wearing nice clothing chances are the judge will look at you with more leniency than he or she would if you were standing there with sagging pants, a t-shirt and flip flops.  Why is it someone even needs to be told that?

Common Sense, oops, there’s those two words again, will tell you try to impress the judge not make it worse on yourself.  Come to court dressed inappropriately and you may find yourself coming back at a later date in more appropriate clothing.

The court system deserves better of the people who utilize it.  I wholeheartedly support Judge Lagoski’s edict. It’s time people respect the system and that’s the way I see it.