Herald Whig

Would You Eat Fried Grasshoppers?
I was reading my Herald Whig this past weekend and came across a story about the menus now available a various Major League Baseball parks.  Some of these items are quite interesting.
Look Who Has All the Money!
My good friend Steve Eighinger at the Herald Whig wrote in his Business Notebook column in Sunday's paper a very interesting story about just how many millionaires there are in Illinois and other states as well. The total is eye-popping.
Dress Code for Court is Now in Effect
“When people come to court dressed nicely, it tells me that they are taking their charges seriously.  I think it makes a difference at sentencing, too”.  Those are the exact words in a recent Herald Whig story (April 27, 2016) of Chief Judge Diane Lagoski who instituted a dress code that went in to …

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