The Quincy Exchange Club's 12th Annual Character Champions Seminar will be held this week at Quincy University. Some 200 team leading senior high athletes plus 30 coaches will be representing 10 area high schools at the presentation on Tuesday, September 9, that will feature Bruce Boguski. Wednesday's seminar will be for some 100 area junior high students and 20 coaches. Boguski travels around the country preaching sportsmanship to young people and he was the featured speaker Friday at the Quincy Exchange Club's weekly meeting that I was fortunate enough to attend. Bruce is an author, a columnist and a motivational speaker.

He was involved in an automobile accident at the age of 17.  He was struck by a drunk driver and was left in terrible condition.  The prognosis was not good for Bruce to ever walk again. But Bruce proved them to be wrong. He visualized himself getting up and walking again. Some 4 months later he did just that.  He mentioned that most people hope that they have a good year ahead. Those people need to make themselves have a good year ahead.

He spoke of a woman who could not read or write who was in terrible shape until she realized she can do something about it. Without reading and writing skills this woman actually wrote a book. She got someone to write the title for her and she did the rest. The book is called “Everything Men Know About Women”. It had a cover and nothing but blank pages in between. The cost for the book was a little over $3 and she sold over a million copies. You do the math. She took a negative and turned it into a positive.

Bruce suggests you go for your ideas. Be positive  about things. Those attending this week are in for a real treat