I attended and had the opportunity to introduce the featured speaker for the Quincy Exchange Club meeting today. Mr. John Simon, the Adams County Emergency Management Director chose to talk about being prepared for severe storms when they strike the Hannibal-Quincy area.  Simon explained the difference between a watch and a warning (see one of my earlier blogs for the difference) and also discussed the logistics of following potential storms that move into the area both on radar and on the ground with some 30 storm spotter sites located in Adams County.  He also strongly advised the audience to make sure that have a weather radio.  Deaths from severe storms occur primarily because people are not prepared.  If you are sleeping when one strikes , you are definitely not prepared to protect yourself. He also mentioned that all too often, people depend solely on the storm warning sirens.  According to Simon, those sirens are designed for people who are outdoors and that is why it is so important to have a weather radio. He also revealed that there has been a change in policy for those who are in a car when a tornado approaches. Obviously, you should drive away from the tornado, but if you can't you should stay in the vehicle, buckle you seat belt and crouch down below the windows and hope for the best.  The thought process is that cars are made to protect in rollovers if you have your seat belt on.  So far we have been fortunate in that we have not experienced any severe storm activity in our area although Simon said his agency is keeping an eye to the sky for later this weekend as weather officials are looking at the potential of some severe activity moving into the area. Just one more reason to purchase a weather radio today.