Did anyone else notice the lack of Quincy mentioned in the "Illinois Getaway Spring/Summer Edition" insert in the Sunday Quincy Herald Whig? I started thumbing my way page by page looking for something about visiting Quincy and there was nothing to be found.

Oh, there was a Quincy brochure mixed in with 65 other miniscule brochures that you can write for to receive.  But no mention of events coming up in Quincy this Spring and Summer anywhere in the 20 pamphlet. As expected there was plenty of mention of Chicago attractions and events as well as the Windy City suburbs.

As I scanned looking for Quincy I saw Bloomington, Springfield, Peoria and Alton's events but still no Quincy.  I made it to page 14 and there was Macomb so I figured Quincy must be coming up on the next pages. I looked but there was nothing about Quincy listed (other than that chance to mail a request for a brochure).

Now this insert was an advertisement evidently placed with the Quincy Herald Whig by  the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Office of Tourism. Now if I was a businessman in this town I would be quite upset with the Illinois Department of Tourism for their failure to recognize just what this city has to offer visitors and what tourism means to our economy as well. The hotels, motels, restaurants, and shopping districts all gain by people visiting us.

For the Illinois Department of Tourism to just not add a City of Quincy segment to their newspaper insert is a travesty. Guess it is time for me to vent to the Illinois Department of Tourism Director. So I Googled Illinois Department of Tourism and got a 1-800-2Connect number which I dialed.

The woman on the end of the line was quite pleasant but when I asked if she could tell me the name of the Tourism Director for Illinois, believe it or not, she could not do so.  She looked for a name but eventually had to put me on hold to ask a superior to get the information. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I was on hold for nearly 2 minutes before she came back to tell me the agency's Acting Director is Adam Pollet.

Sounds like this agency might have more problems than leaving Quincy off their list.