Quincy Bridal Shop is Officially (Re) Open
A popular bridal shop is re-opening in Quincy's Maine Center. I Do Bridal is having their grand opening weekend this weekend (April 19-21) and offering some amazing deals.
Quincy’s Bergner’s Store Is Closing
This morning it was announced that the clothing store Bon-Ton (the parent company of Bergner's) was claiming bankruptcy. We didn't know whether the Berger's located in the Quincy Mall would be closing as a result...until now.
Do You Tip On A Carry-Out Order?
Let me set up the scene for you. You worked all day, the kids are having an off day, and you're exhausted. You call in a take out order from a restaurant, swing by on your way home, and pick it up. Now when you sign the receipt, it gives you an option to leave a tip. Do you?
Hey Quincy, Spoonwave is Back!
Our hearts were broken in December when it was announced that Spoonwave was closing up shop. My kiddo, (who calls Spoonwave "toppings") took it pretty hard as I'm sure many of you did as well. But we now have some good news! Spoonwave is back!
Dunkin’ Donuts Is Giving Away Free Coffee
This Friday, Dunkin' Donuts is actually giving away free coffee. Seriously. Free! The donut and coffee giant is really hyping up their new cold brew recipe, so they're giving it to whomever shows up on April 6. Sounds good to me!
This is How ‘Alexa’ Got Her Name!
So the other day Sarah Deien and I were discussing downloading the Y101 skill to your "Alexa"-enabled device so you can listen to Y101 all the time!It got me to wondering why they chose the name "Alexa".

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