Five Fab Places The Fab Five Need To Visit In Quincy
Last month, we told you that the cast of Queer Eye (also known as the Fab Five) was coming to film an episode in Quincy. Well, they will be here this week and while we don't know exactly what places they plan to visit, we do have some ideas of where they should.
There May Be A Future for Bergner’s After All (Maybe)
The popular department store Bergner's, which has been closing locations for much of 2018, is seeing some light. An independent company recently purchased the Bon-Ton name and has stated that they will be "re-building the business brick by brick."
Pumpkin Painting This Weekend In Quincy
Don't get me wrong, I love to carve pumpkins, but my kids seem to get the pumpkin crud EVERYWHERE. It's even been on my kitchen ceiling, but Frericks is providing a much cleaner way to decorate your pumpkin, well kinda.
This Is The Job I Want to Have!
There was a close play at the plate and the umpires were gathering to review the "safe" call made by the home plate umpire. It was then that it him me. I thought to myself, this is the job I want to do.

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