Which Tri-States ‘Lip Sync Challenge’ Is Your Favorite? [POLL]
These Lip Sync Challenge videos have been ALL the rage throughout the Tri-States over the past few weeks (and they're still going strong). The Quincy Police Department, Hannibal Police Department, Adams County Sheriff's Office, and Marion County Sheriff's Office have all gotten in on …
Things Are About to Get Much Worse For Illinois Drivers Caught Texting
I see it all the time: drivers texting and driving. Luckily, I have avoided being in an accident with a distracted driver but many have been seriously injured or lost their lives at the hand of a texting driver. Well, Illinois is about to get a big wake up call that will hopefully put an end to the …
Did You Know About This New Illinois Car Seat Law?
It was always told me when my girls where younger that they should stay rear-facing in their car seats until they turned two. It was highly recommended by my pediatrician that I follow that procedure. And now, it's not just a suggestion. It's an Illinois law.

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