The Quincy Fire Department is working on assembling a fire-ground rehabilitation team.  The purpose of this team is to provide rehab assistance while the firefighters are involved in firefighting efforts at the scene of a fire. This team will not be replacing the Salvation Army of the Red Cross in their efforts to assist victims of a fire. Team members would be subjected to being called in to support the fire department's operations.  They would be involved with the cooling down or warming up of firefighters during a fire and would also be utilized to set up a rehabilitation area near the scene. Any training needed would be provided by the fire department. If you have any interest in being a part of this new team, an informational meeting will be held tonight at the Quincy Regional training Facility at 2021 North 18th Street at the back of parking lot K tonight at 6pm.  The meeting will only last approximately 30 minutes.  If you plan on attending please call Zenda Jones at 228-4459.