Red Cross

Volunteers Needed Saturday for Fire Safety Campaign
Seven times a day someone in this country dies in a home fire. Countless others suffer injuries. To combat these tragic statistics, the Red Cross two years ago launched a nationwide campaign to reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to home fires by 25 percent over the next five years.
Here’s How You Can Help Louisiana Flood Relief
We've all seen the horrible flooding unfold down in Louisiana, and if you're moved to help our neighbors down the river in the Bayou State, there are many places you can make donations online, including (link to a comprehensive list at the end of the article):
The Red Cross of Louisiana, wh…
The Nation Needs A Military Rapid Disaster Response Team
I was talking to my friend last night about the recent flooding in Texas and Oklahoma and we then were discussing the floods in the Hannibal-Quincy area in past years and the National Guard’s involvement in fighting them. The topic of disaster relief in this country then followed.
Summertime and Blood Supply
During the summertime, a lot of people might not be thinking about giving blood. We all get busy with activities and vacations, but, as we always say, the need is constant.

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