It's funny how it feels colder outside when the temperature is near 30 than when it is 8 or 9 degrees out. Such is the case for me today.  Even your house or workplace feels colder. Despite the fact that you live in a insulated house with your sealed windows to keep the cold air out your house, it was still chilly.

Many of you may have double-paned windows to keep the cold air out.  Even with that you still felt cold in your own home. Consider what life was like back in the early 1800 for the pioneers who settled in areas like Quinsippi Island in Quincy. You think you were cold, imagine what they felt like with sub-zero temperatures during the winters of the early 1800's? I scratch my head just to think how rugged of forefathers were to live in those conditions.  I am sure they complained about the cold but not like we do today.

This thought of what life was like is why The Friends of the Log Cabins believe it is extremely important that we restore and preserve these wonderful cabins. Talking about life in one of these cabins is one thing, but to actually see these cabins really makes one wonder just how they survived.

The Friends of the Log Cabins preserve these wonderful treasures right here in our own backyard. The Friends organization also provides tours for school children and others to witness these structures.

These cabins need to be preserved, so please help them in any way you can.  To find out more go to