Texas Governor Rick Perry arrived in Illinois yesterday and remains in Chicago today.  He is on a  determined mission to lure away some of the the state’s businesses.  His whole theme is to pack up and leave Illinois and reopen in Texas.

The former Republican presidential candidate will be in Chicago through today to meet with business leaders, speak at a bioscience conference and host a reception for any businesses that may be interested in moving to Texas. Prior to the visit, Perry spearheaded an aggressive broadcast and print ad campaign urging Illinois companies to, “Get out while there’s still time.”

Meanwhile, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, a Democrat who faces re-election next year, has said Illinois doesn’t need advice from Perry. Sounds like a little rivalry is developing here.

Is it right of Perry to do this kind of soliciting? It is America and if Texas has a better way then good for them. Maybe Illinois Governor Quinn needs to look at how they are doing it and make it work here. Good luck with that.