local music

Big River Swing Machine: Quincy’s Volunteer Jazz Band
Many folks in and around the city of Quincy know that there are several venues within ol' Q-town that host live music. A lot of it, though, is usually rock bands and other assorted harsher genres. What few folks may know, however, is that there is one group that still holds on to the old good time f…
A Directory of Local Musicians’ YouTube Channels
There are a ton of talented local musicians in our area. Some have played for years, others are just starting out. Many of them have their own channels on YouTube, which makes discovering their music about as easy as it gets. Here is a directory of YouTube channels for local musicians that frequentl…
Ator Forty Just Wants to Rock!
We are always looking for new bands to play for our local music segment, every weeknight around 5:45 p.m. The latest new band is Ator Forty, from Pike County, Illinois.