We play local music on Y101. We have done this for many years. Should we continue?

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

The powers that be at Y101 are very supportive of us playing local music, and we love to do it. It's the "finding music to play thing" that we have trouble with. Sometimes there is a bunch to choose from, and other times there is not. And I know it isn't easy to write a bunch of music and get it played on local radio.

Young bands like Somewhere In Between are writing music and trying their best to get it heard. And the band's latest song, 'Fall For You' shows real growth in their songwriting.    A BIG THANK You to Mr. Alan Lawless at Coppermine studio here in Quincy for helping the young bands get going. Quincy is blessed with a wealth of local talent and I would love to feature their music on Y101.

If you have some local music that you think we should play, let us know about it. If you are a musician or are a member of a band, we've made it easy for your to send us your work. Just fill out the form below. We play local music around 5:45 p.m. every weekday.