Kyle Moore

It’s Time for the Negative Campaigning to End!
We are in the midst of what is turning out to be a heated Mayoral election with both sides slamming each other as we head on down the stretch toward an April 4th election. To Mayor Kyle Moore and Candidate Jeff VanCamp, may I suggest you both use the remaining time to discuss the issues and how you …
Another Low Voter Turnout is Troublesome
We have had some time to absorb what took place on election day.  Quincy will have a new Mayor when Kyle Moore takes over from John Spring. Apparently, Mr. Moore was more successful than John Spring was in getting people to vote. Had more people gone to the polls, would the result have been dif…
YP Quincy Hosting Quincy Mayoral Debate on March 27
The YP Quincy group will be hosting one of three Mayoral Debates on Wednesday, March 27 at O'Griff's in Quincy from 12 to 1:30pm.  Its an opportunity to hear from both candidates, Democratic Incumbent Mayor John Spring and Republican challenger Kyle Moore.

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