We have had some time to absorb what took place on election day.  Quincy will have a new Mayor when Kyle Moore takes over from John Spring. Apparently, Mr. Moore was more successful than John Spring was in getting people to vote. Had more people gone to the polls, would the result have been different? Who knows?!

With that said, according to the Adams County Clerk’s office there were 10,092 people who turned out to vote for the Mayoral election. If you throw in the Adams County numbers 15,517 people voted out of the 45,592 registered voters in Tuesday's election. So, only 34% of the registered Adams County voters actually voted on Tuesday. Compare that to the information provided by the Marion County Clerk's office that 18% of the registered voters went to the ballot in the Hannibal Mayoral and Marion County races on April 2nd and that total of 34% looks great.

But how sad is it that people don't care enough to make their vote count? When 18 out of 100 people voted in Marion County and 34 out of 100 did likewise in Adams County you have to wonder where this country is going. My vote took me about 5 minutes to accomplish on an absolutely beautiful day. The weather on April 2 in Missouri was decent, as well.

What is it going to take for people to start to pay attention to what is going on around them? Are they going to wait until they have no say at all before they step up and make their vote count?

How many times have you heard "my vote doesn't mean anything"? If you still think your vote doesn't count, just ask Jerry Gunn in Camp Point. Gunn won the Village President of Camp Point by one vote over Richard Dieterle. The vote was 163 to 162.

With early voting, absentee voting and general election day voting there is no reason to not vote unless you just don't care. I am afraid that the "I just don't care" attitude has just won another election. God help us if this trend continues. We won't have to worry about voting because we may never get the chance.