It's snowstorms like we just got that remind me of my youth growing up in Upstate New York off of Lake Ontario.  We would get snows like this all the time and we would still go to school. No I didn't have to walk ten miles uphill either.

As a kid I loved it and I made a lot of money from it as well.  Around here some kids (and very few) might make a buck mowing lawns for others.  In Upstate New York I made a buck shoveling driveways for people. I had a list of regulars that my brother and I would shovel their driveways throughout the winter. We both made some money to supplement our allowance.

When we got done shoveling we would go home and warm up a little and then go out and play hockey. We would play until Dad came home from work. He would get home and guess what he found?  His own driveway hadn't been shoveled. So the three of us would go to work clearing off the snow from our own driveway. I am sure he wondered at times why we just didn't do our driveway as well.  But he knew why.  We made money on the neighbors driveways being cleared and didn't get a cent for doing ours.

Looking back at it , it wasn't fair to Dad but I must admit here it is years later and I am still talking about the times my Dad, brother and I shoveled snow together. Was it exciting? No it wasn't, but it was memorable and that's what life is all about.