OK. I am venting here. It is about paying attention to what you are doing on the road.

Larry W. Smith, Getty Images

And yes, I know there are distractions in the car, the kids may be acting up or the dog won't sit down or the sun might be in your eyes. But every time I see the police reports about not slowing down in a school zone, I say what do we have to do to get drivers to pay attention? A $300 dollar fine? That's a lot of money for me to be paying out of my wallet. But, maybe not to some.

What do we have to do to make drivers understand that driving over the speed limit in school zones is dangerous? I must say that I have not payed attention sometimes. I am guilty. But I really try to keep focused on what I am doing behind the wheel. My brain power is not all that great but when in a school zone and when kids are present, I slow way down. Even slower than I need to. You never know where the kids might come from. So please, slow down in school zones.

Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your side of this.