The time has apparently come for authorities to get tough with the person or persons responsible for the recent rash of threatening notes left at Quincy Junior High School. Yesterday, Adams County States Attorney Jon Barnard was interviewed and he stated that his office will prosecute the offender(s) to the fullest.  This came after the latest episode this week at the school. These acts have caused nerves to be on edge for students, teachers and parents and has cost the city as well in providing additional protection at the facility. You can't tell me that some student at Quincy Junior High School doesn't know who has been doing this.  Kids talk and the culprit will or has bragged about his or her actions to someone.  That someone needs to come forward and come forward now.  Enough is enough. It's easy to dismiss these threats as just that..threats.  But memories of threats carried out recently in Ohio and other states warrants the school district and authorities to handle each threat seriously. For you parents reading this, the time has come for you to sit down with your son or daughter and probe into what they may know.  Any clue they could provide may lead to a closure to this.  God forbid you get a call that there have been shots fired at the school your child attends. No parent would ever want to hear that call.  Our schools need to be safe and without disruptive actions like Quincy Junior High has gone through.  If you know anything, no matter how insignificant it may be, please call the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers at 228-4474. You will NOT have to give anyone your name.  It's completely confidential. Enough is enough.