If you read the police blotters regularly, you don’t need me to tell you that the local law enforcement agencies are quite busy with apprehending criminals in the area. Thefts, burglaries and drug involvement seem to be picking up and most likely they are all related.

Listen, the police can only do just so much. They need your involvement to reduce the crime in our streets. Local law enforcement is there for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year, but they could use your help in fighting crime.

Remember if you have information regarding a crime, call the Crime Stopper Hotline at 228-4474.  That’s 228-4474.  You can also submit a tip via the web. Web Tips is just another way for an individual to submit anonymous information to Crime Stoppers by logging on to quincycrimestoppers.com and click on submit at the top of the page.

There is even a third way to contact the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers and that is by texting TIPSQRCS and your information to 274637. You will never have to give your name and you might be eligible to receive a cash reward for your information.

So why aren’t people calling in with tips? Perhaps they don’t understand the system. Well, here is how it works.  You leave a tip, and then you will be given a tip number. You will then be asked to call back in a few days. If your tip leads to an arrest, that information will go to the Quincy Regional Crime Stopper Board of Directors to determine if you are eligible for a reward and if so, the amount of your reward.

That reward can be as much as $1000 depending on the importance of the tip. After that has been established and after you call back, you will be given information as to what local bank drive- thru you need to go to. That is where you will be able to pick up your reward money. You only need to inform the teller of your assigned number. Your name will never be used in the entire process.

So if you want your neighborhood to clean up its crime act it starts with you and you may even have a house or car payment out of it. So, if you see something report it and let the process work for the police department, your neighborhood and for you!