Having watched my fair share of NFL games on TV, I am becoming wary of all of the celebrations that take place after a player makes a good play.  My take on it is "act like you've been there before".

You are supposed to make those tackles or catches. That's why you are being paid.  Act like a professional. The NFL has a rule about excessive celebrations after a touchdown is recorded.  You celebrate too much or taunt your opponent  after you score, they assess a 15 yard penalty on the following kickoff.  Big deal. Most kickers can still kick the ball into the end zone from that distance anyway.

I have come up with the solution to the excessive celebration problem.  Instead of a 15 yard penalty on the kickoff make the penalized team kick the extra point from the 30 yard line. That would actually make it a 47 yard "extra point". Ah ha! Now that's a penalty.  You miss one of those and lose the game 28 to 27 your "excessive "celebrations will go away quickly.

These guys need to act like professionals and play the game with respect for their opponent. You don't have to like them.  Just respect them for their talent as well. There are a lot of young people watching as well and they need to be shown how the game is to be played. Remember, act like you've been there before.