Think You Can Kick Better Than A Chicago Bear? Prove It
Many Chicago Bears fans are still taking in that loss from the weekend in which kicker Cory Parkey missed a 43-yard field goal that would have sealed a Chicago victory (it was tipped, by the way). Well if you think you can do better, you could win yourself a year worth of beer.
$100,000 To Put Your Phone Away In 2019…Could You Do It?
My recurring nightmare as a child was showing up to school naked. Today's real-life version is when I walk out the door without my phone. I feel naked. Which brings up the question: could you go a year without your smartphone? That's the challenge Vitaminwater is throwing down. There'…
This Quincy Crossing Guard Might Be One Of The Nation’s Best
I love our crossing guards. I mean, they have one of the hardest jobs and carry a lot of responsibility in getting our children to and from school safe and sound. Well, one of Quincy Public School's crossing guards has been nominated as one of the best in the country and he needs your help to g…

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