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Should O.J. Simpson Be Paroled? (POLL)
Will O.J. Simpson be released from prison?  That’s the question many are asking as Simpson will have a parole hearing tomorrow before the Nevada Board of Parole. If Simpson is paroled, his release could possibly come in early October.
NFL Opts Out of Roman Numerals for Super Bowl 50
When you look at this year's National Football League Super Bowl logo you won't find any Roman numerals. For 49 previous Super Bowls, the game's logo has always included Roman numerals, but this year we will move from Super Bowl XLIX (see above) to Super Bowl 50.
The NFL’s Pro Bowl is a Joke
For years I campaigned for the National Football League to move the Pro Bowl to the weekend before the Super Bowl game. Well, not that they listened to me, but a few years ago they did just that.  The games were entertaining but now after what I watched on ESPN Sunday it’s time …
It’s Time to End the NFL’s Four Game Pre-Season Schedule
It was about a year ago that I ripped the National Football League and I will take the opportunity to do so again. It was learned yesterday that the St. Louis Rams have lost Sam Bradford, their starting Quarterback, for the season after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee.  It is the same knee tha…
Why Are We Changing Indian Names?
They have been the Washington Redskins since 1932 and now there is once again a movement to change the National Football League's team nickname because it is offensive to many Native Americans.
How many is many?
When I hear the name Redskins, I think of brave warriors who roamed the land years ag…
The Baltimore Ravens Have the Local Ties. Go Ravens!
The National Football League chase for the Super Bowl berth is down to four teams.  This weekend the Baltimore Ravens will play at New England against the Patriots for the American football Conference Championship.The National Football Conference title game will pit San Francisco's 49ers a…

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