I love radio. I admit it. I have been a radio fan most of my life.

I guess that is why I got into this radio thing. I'm a fan. Radio is a theater of the mind thing. Radio can paint pictures of things in your mind. You can't feel it but you can't touch it. Radio is something you can imagine in your mind. I got into radio for the music, so I could play my favorite songs for you.

Today I mark my 20th year with Y101. But I started in radio back in 1976. This radio station has not been Y101 all the time I have worked here. When I first got hired here it was classic rock. Then around 1994, it changed to what is now Y101. A lot of things change in twenty years. Music changes all the time. I love to play and listen to music. And the people I have worked with have been great. Sure, we have up and down times. But if you don't take it too seriously and have fun with it, you can have a great time. Thank you for listening all these years. I am honored that you take the time to enjoy what we do.