Ok, how many weeks, including last night, has the City of Quincy been debating how to proceed with garbage pickup in the city? I've lost track. The point is the city needs new trucks to collect the trash. The trucks they have been using are breaking down regularly. So what should the city do?

Well, you can ask the citizens of our city to stop making trash. That won't work. You can purchase new trucks with no money available to do so. That won't work. So the reality of the issue is that people will need to pay more for their trash pickup to allow the city to purchase new trucks.

The garbage sticker program has been at a cost of 50 cents per sticker (or bag) for a long time. Just recently the City Council raised the sticker cost to 75 cents per sticker or bag. That was a good move, but I suggest you raise it to $1 per sticker, purchase the trucks needed and budget to add a new truck every year beginning in 2018.

The City Hall garbage talk has been continuous with little result. Garbage is not going away folks, but hopefully the rhetoric about it from the City Council will. Make a plan (like above) and go with it.