The Blues in the District has become one of Quincy's more popular events. It is attended by thousands each summer. In the 17 years of its existence people from all over the area bring their lawn chairs and coolers and enjoy some wonderful Blues music and all at absolutely no admission cost. It is supported by businesses and individuals who sponsor each one of the concerts. I happened to be an individual sponsor of last Friday's concert. It is an event that is definitely family friendly with children last Friday night playing with beach balls near the fountain in the park.

It is with that in mind that I write this and direct it toward the individual who thought he needed some special attention Friday night by marauding around Washington Park's crowd several times wearing a t-shirt that prominently displayed the   F-word.  If he wanted some attention he got it, but for all the wrong reasons.

I can guarantee you that every single person who saw this individual had the same thought as I did. "Why would anyone wear that shirt in a public place?" How many parents thought, "Oh my God, I hope my kids don't see that"? How many adults thought as I did, "He needs to be asked to leave the park" ? Frankly, it bothered me enough that I came close to getting up and telling him to do so myself.

The next Blues in the District is set for June 27 and I hope this guy doesn't need more attention. If he does, I hope The District and the Quincy Police Department nips this kind of display in the bud and shows him the exit. There is NO place for that display at the Blues in the District or at any other public event.

Common sense man, common sense.  Oh that's right, it is 2014 and I guess anything goes.