The local weather has certainly been getting old with all this snow, sleet, ice and now slush. The last two days have been great in that the temperatures have actually warmed up to start melting some of this long lasting snow. Watching the weather has been getting pretty redundant and that's why I think we need to change some of the verbiage being used repeatedly this winter.  

For instance, instead of saying "we have a good chance of getting 4 inches of snow", the weather person should just say what we all are thinking like "we have a good chance of getting 4 inches of more crap to fall out of the sky".  And don't tell us "there will be a lot of slush out there".  Just say what we say, "there will be alot of slop out there".  And when the temperatures were well below zero instead of saying "we are going to get down to 6 below tonight", just come right out and say "we are going to freeze our butts off tonight".

Now wouldn't it be refreshing to hear the TV weather person say, 'no worries tonight about freezing your butt off, but we will have some slop to deal with tomorrow as this crap starts to melt"? I would watch every night especially to see the National Weather Service's "Heavy Crap Warning" crawling on the bottom of my TV.  Wouldn't you?