Every time I go over the Champ Clark Bridge I get a little nervous.

The Champ Clark Bridge over Louisiana, Missouri is very, very narrow. Those of you who work in Louisiana and drive over that bridge everyday know how narrow it is. I know the folks at MoDOT are trying to come up with some money to replace the Champ Clark, but times are a little iffy right now as far as money goes. I know MoDOT has a 10-year plan to get a new bridge built, but many people are asking if the bridge will last that long. And talk about narrow roadways, try meeting a big rig on the bridge and you are just inches away from somebody getting hurt. Remember three years ago when there was a fatality on the bridge? It was a gruesome accident.

Not to put down MoDOT or anybody else, but something needs to be done before more gruesome accidents happen again in the future. But I know it won't be easy.

Michael Rose