Miami Marlins

Put a Spring Training Trip on Your Bucket List
If you ever get the chance to go to Spring Training, whether it be the St. Louis Cardinals, the Chicago Cubs, or any other Major League Baseball team, you should make the trip. I just returned from my second Spring Training venture in 3 years through Destination Travel and thoroughly enjoyed every m…
Man Turns Boy Again!
We always hear about a boy becoming a man but we hardly ever hear about a man becoming a boy again. Such is the case for me this week as I turn into a kid again by heading to Florida. It's spring training time for Major League Baseball and I am going to be a part of it by heading to West Palm B…
Baseball Season Starts
Well here it is.  The "official" opening of the Major League Baseball season as the World Champion  St. Louis Cardinals will meet the newly named Miami Marlins in the Marlin's brand new stadium tonight in Miami.