We always hear about a boy becoming a man but we hardly ever hear about a man becoming a boy again. Such is the case for me this week as I turn into a kid again by heading to Florida. It's spring training time for Major League Baseball and I am going to be a part of it by heading to West Palm Beach, Florida to see the Cardinals play my beloved New York Yankees and the Miami Marlins on Thursday and Saturday, respectfully. In between those dates the Yankees will play the Marlins with my posterior in the seats watching that one too and wishing I were in those pinstripes playing the game I so love.

Time may have caught up with me in that regard, but I know I could still hit a major league pitch if given the chance. So my goal is to convince Yankee Manager Joe Girardi that he could use an aging "slugger" like me who could do what I have dreamed about for years.  That being hit a pinch hit home run to win the game for the New York Yankees.

Please Joe, if you read this blog before I get to see you, don't discard the thought. There will come a time when the Yanks need a blast and you will look down that dugout  and see nothing but pitchers and punch and judy hitters and you will wish you had the guy who begged you in Florida standing there with a bat in his hand waiting for "the moment".

I promise you Joe, I won't keep the bat on my shoulder. I'll go up there rippin' Joe. Oh yeah Joe, I almost forgot to tell you that while you have been working out in the Florida sunshine I have been working out swinging at snowflakes up here in Quincy. The flakes never had a chance as evidenced by my clean driveway.  If given the chance, the ball won't have a chance either Joe!