D.O. and The Big Dog Talk Parade Tonight at 5 on KHQA-TV
So here we are some 17 days away from making our 28th stroll down Maine Street as part of the St. Patrick's Parade. As of this writing we have 31 entries and most likely will be around 90 again like last year. One of the things we always are in need of is Irish music in the parade.
What’s Going On With Quincy’s Water?
The number one question in Quincy this week is “what’s going on with the water?”  That question was asked even more today when a report came out on a Facebook post and other news web sites that a young Quincy girl was taken to St. Louis Children&Close…
TV Show Get Pre-Empted? Be Nice When You Call
Ok so I got home Monday and I put the TV on only to find that the U.S. Open Men’s Tennis Championship game was on CBS.  It seems like this event went on forever and I mean days not hours. I remember when the championship game would be played on Labor Day in New York...
Anderson Cooper Interviews Local Girl
One never knows where you will end up and just what you may be doing in the future. I guess that’s what makes life so interesting. Take Amy Drescher. Amy is a private investigator for Rosetta Stone Investigations, LLC and lives in Tennessee, outside of Nashville. Amy will be on An…
Doggie TV
Channel 7 ran a story yesterday about yesterday being "Take Your Dog to Work Day". They interviewed my good friend Kevin Reed and others about taking their dogs to work. It is a trend that many are adopting in the business world.