The number one question in Quincy this week is “what’s going on with the water?”  That question was asked even more today when a report came out on a Facebook post and other news web sites that a young Quincy girl was taken to St. Louis Children’s Hospital with flu-like symptoms.

According to KHQA’s web page, the St. Louis doctors told the child’s mother that her daughter was suffering from adenovirus.  The mother claims she was told by the doctor that her daughter’s illness could possibly be caused by drinking water.

Mayor John Spring, and Quincy Department of Utilities Director David Kent are standing by their statements that the city’s drinking water is safe.  Since this facebook post, people have been posting, re-posting, texting, emailing and calling others to discuss the water situation.

The City of Quincy began treating the water last week with an activated carbon powder to remove a pungent taste and smell that was caused by an increase of algae in the system due to the low river state and the slow movement of the Mississippi River.

Hopefully, the treatment will control the problem and questions regarding the drinking water for the city will subside.