One never knows where you will end up and just what you may be doing in the future. I guess that’s what makes life so interesting. Take Amy Drescher. Amy is a private investigator for Rosetta Stone Investigations, LLC and lives in Tennessee, outside of Nashville. Amy will be on Anderson Cooper’s daytime syndicated show which can be seen locally tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11am on C-GEM-TV. Cameras will follow Amy as she searches for clues to help a woman find out if the woman’s husband is being faithful. She will present tips on the show to try to keep others from becoming a victim. I worked with Amy years ago when we were both working for KHQA-TV. She was known then as Amy Holm and was a station reporter at the time and a Quincy native. I don’t think either one of us then thought she would become a private investigator. I should have realized that she had the potential from some of the stories she reported on. In many ways being a reporter is like digging up evidence for a story and she did it well during her stay at the station. Amy and I have kept in touch over the years and I know she was excited about being on the show with Anderson Cooper. I am excited for her as well and look forward to watching the show tomorrow. Tell your friends.