Burger King Celebrating Hot Dog Day With a Dollar Dog Saturday
You either love them or you hate them but hot dogs are still pretty popular in America and the world. I don't quite know what it is, but a hot dog always seems to taste better at the ball park. Perhaps its the atmosphere or maybe just being outdoors that makes it so.  I bring this up because tomorr…
Hannibal Riverboat Stop Schedule Released
If you are a fan of riverboats, the place to be is Hannibal, Missouri. Seven different vessels will be making stops in Hannibal from now through the end or October, some will be making multiple stops as well to "America's Hometown".
The Veterans!
As I sit down to write this blog, I'm thinking "what shall I blog about?" The first thing that comes to my mind are our nations Veterans. I think about them alot. My father was a veteran and thou he did not see any military action overseas he was in the army helping the cause …