As I sit down to write this blog, I'm thinking "what shall I blog about?" The first thing that comes to my mind are our nations Veterans. I think about them alot. My father was a veteran and thou he did not see any military action overseas he was in the army helping the cause here in the states.

I am very proud of him for helping our nation. We lost him two years ago to alzhimers. More and more I think about him and the sacrifices he made for his family here in the states. He was realeased from the army because he got a very bad virus just before he was to leave over sea's. He was in the hospital for a while. I remember he told me once he wish he could have  helped his country more and he regreted that he could not go. Just because he did enlist and he did try to serve to the best of his ability, that makes him a hero in my book. And I think of the verterans today who have helped in some way, any way to serve their nation. When the Veterans day parade comes to Quincy in November, I hope you can come watch them as they are honored down Quincy's main street. You have heard this before but the veterans are very special people to this area and to America. They all gave what they could to the best of their ability. Men and women. Please honor them everyday and we hope to see you at the Veterans day parade in November.