The Carpenters did the song back in the 70's called "Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down". Well, around here rainy days and Monday will always make us smile, especially this year. The thunder began to roll in around 4:30 this morning and it was a welcomed sound.  It rained pretty steady for about 20 minutes but then it faded into a few drops.  Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, we will take what we got, which wasn't much. The lack of spring rains is compounded by the lack of winter snow for this area so the water tables are way down and farmers in this area are starting to see some stress for their crops. City dwellars are noticing lawns that are beginning to turn brown as well.  In case you are wondering, the next real chance for rain after today is Saturday with scattered showers in the forecast. Perhaps we should play rain songs all morning long since the rain dances performed in the area haven't had much luck although it did rain today. Maybe dance lessons are in order.