Garage sales have become a business. Is it just me or are there more garage sales than ever going on in this area? It seems like every power pole (undamaged) has a message on it directing someone to a sale. The best sign I ever saw was on South 24th Street a few summers ago that said "Crap for Sale" with an arrow.

I, for one, have never thought it was worth the effort to gather up all the "junk" you got and hope somebody comes along and thinks it's "gold." Apparently, my thinking is way off kilter. My neighbor held three garage sales in a year and his last one made a killing. We are talking four figures here. When his wife told me that, I thought she was kidding but she wasn't.

It got me to thinking, just how much money have people made selling their "junk?" If you recently (within the last year) held a garage sale, how much money did you make?

And here I thought it was "junk." Boy was I wrong!