Pat Venditte, a former Quincy Gem,  is a Major League pitcher who happens to be able to throw both right and left-handed equally as well. This, as you can imagine, can cause some confusing moments for batters who face him if he changes hands to pitch to a batter.

Case in point, Venditte, pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays, started to pitch right-handed to Antwoan Richardson of the Pittsburgh Pirates meaning Richardson, a switch-hitter would need to wear a right handed hitter's helmet.  Then Venditte switched hands to pitch left handed forcing Richardson to change helmets again and bat left-handed. It was an interesting cat and mouse encounter.  See for yourself.

Venditte is the first ambidextrous pitcher in Major League baseball since the Montreal Expos’ Greg Harris did it in 1995. Venditte uses an ambidextrous glove with two thumb holes.

Venditte played for the Quincy Gems in the Central Illinois Collegiate League in 2006. He originally signed with the New York Yankees as a 20th-round draft pick out of Creighton University in 2008 and has played for Oakland, Toronto and Seattle during his major league career.  He was recently acquired this month by the Philadelphia Phillies and is battling for a spot on the Phillies Major League roster.