We air it every Monday morning at 7:25 live on Y101...Marry Me Monday! Sheri Busse from Emerald City Jewelers and Y101's Jeff Dorsey discuss the latest in the jewelry world and then share a story submitted to the program from a listener. In case you missed it here is today's episode, submitted by Nicky.

Marry Me Monday - August 19, 2013

I actually just got engaged this summer! Here is my story:

My family had planned a vacation in Grand Haven during the summer. Unfortunately my significant other, Nathan, was only given one day of personal time for his first year working so he knew he'd have to stay behind. Shortly after planning the trip I found out my brother had invited his new girlfriend, making me the fifth wheel and causing me to reconsider going. Nathan insisted I still go because we wouldn't be able to go anywhere else this summer and this was my one chance at a vacation, so I decided I would still go and make the best of the situation.

We arrived in Michigan late Thursday night after driving 8 hours through. The next morning we decided to spend the day laying out on the harbor front. It was a beautiful day and my stepfather suggested we go take sunset pictures on the beach after dinner. My brother's girlfriend had never been to Michigan before and she was really excited to see the beach. Halfway through the day she asked me if I had brought a dress along because she wanted to dress up that evening. I said I had but tried talking her out of the idea because it was a chilly June night and we were going to be by the water making it even colder. She insisted we should and not knowing her very well I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I reluctantly gave in.

We all ate a wonderful dinner at a restaurant by the lake and then headed to the beach. Realizing the sun wasn't even going to set for over an hour I grumbled to my mom about not wanting to freeze and suggested we wait in the car for a bit. She laughed at me and said c'mon, so we headed for the beach. I was walking behind the two couples keeping a lookout for rocks or other objects in the sand when abruptly everyone stopped. I looked up to see why and heard "Hey, Nicky", I looked over in the direction my name was called only to see Nathan all dressed up with a rose in his hand and a photographer not too far behind him. I'm pretty sure I went into shock at this point lol. I asked him what he was doing here and he said he missed me and didn't want to spend another day without me. He then proceeded to tell me how much he loved me, how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, etc:). He got down on his knee and as soon as I said "Of course", cheers erupted from the pier! I t was beautiful, magical, and shocking all at the same time. "