So here it is December 15th, the 349th day of the year according to the Gregorian Calendar. Meaning that there are just 16 more days left in 2017. My, where has the time gone. It seems like we just finished the Bridal Expo. Oh, that was in January. Valentine's Day in February, then the St. Patrick's Parade in March, Opening Day in baseball in April, Gus Macker Basketball in May, Gems Baseball in June, Independence Day in July, Back to School in August, Labor Day in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November and two monumental birthdays in December, one for Jesus Christ and the other for Dennis Oliver, which is today.

Believe it or not, the "Ol Poop" (as the "Old Man" always called him) will try to blow out one more candle than he did last year. I'm betting on him blowing them all out in one try. Radio guys have that kind of "lung" capacity. Happy birthday to my good friend and many more!

By the way, yesterday marked the one year anniversary of his last day on the air at Y101.  Now try to tell me the year didn't fly by.