In all my years of playing baseball, every winning team I was on seemed to have one or two guys who had that spark or edge about them when they played. Usually it was a player, but sometimes the manager was the person that lit the fire for the team. With that said, the St. Louis Cardinals had better find that person soon or they will be home watching the playoffs in October.  

A team usually takes its cue from its manager. If he is feisty, the team will follow that path. If he is complacent, the team will be complacent. Cardinal Manager Mike Matheny has provided no spark to this team. Even when the team wins, he addresses the media in the same monotone way as if they lost the game. Show some excitement, Mike! If the manager lacks spirit even after a victory, how can you expect the players to be upbeat?

Is it Mike Matheny's fault the Cardinals are not playing well? No! These are professional players and they are not hitting and haven't been all season long. There are six weeks left in the regular season.That's six weeks for Mike Matheny to show some personality and lead this team to October because nobody else seems to want to.