Ok, so the St. Louis Cardinals will have the home field advantage throughout the National League playoffs.  Is it an advantage if Edward Mujica is on the mound? Should Mujica be on the playoff roster?  That's the number one question in St. Louis and I wouldn't want to be Cardinal Manager Mike Matheny who will be making that decision.

Mujica, the Cardinals ace closer, has been extremely ineffective to say the least over the past few weeks. So what is the Cardinal Manger to do?  If you go with your heart you say yes.  If you go with the reality of the situation you say no.

I was listening to a Cleveland radio station and the sports talk host was discussing the same situation that the Indians have with their closer Chris Perez ( a former Cardinal). The announcer pretty much summed it up by saying the following.  If you wonder who makes the team just do the following.  Go through each name on the roster and say one of two things about him. Positive or detriment. If it is a detriment next to the name, he's off the roster.  I would have to agree.

These games are too important not to have the "positive' labeled guys on your post season team and in the Cardinals case that would mean that Mujica sits. There is no denying that without him, there is no post season in the Gateway City this year. But with him now, there is no Division, League or World Series Championship either.  Man, I am glad I am not Mike Matheny.  What would you do Cardinal fans?