When I first moved to Quincy many moons ago, the first thing I realized was how easy it was to find things in this city. The streets are numbered from the river to almost Liberty going west to east. And the north-south streets are named after presidents, states or trees. Pretty simple. Even businesses were named where they were. Like the State Street Bank was on State Street. But not all are like that. One that did always confuse me was the Broadway Dress Shop being located on Maine Street. Why wasn't it called the Maine Street Dress Shop?

Over time things have changed a bit. State Street Bank is on Broadway now (as well as State Street). The Liberty Bank and the Bank of Springfield are now in Quincy plus the Eighth Avenue Villager is not on 8th but on Broadway. Even the State Beauty Supply store isn't on State Street. It's on 12th Street.

They say that the older one gets the more confusing life gets. Well, trying to find certain businesses based on their name might make it even more confusing.